Kamala really really really REALLY needs to start doing some sort of prep for these questions. Wow.

You would think she’d at least be ready for questions on COVID, and inflation, but nope. Not at all.

And she knows it which makes her answer even more painful.

Watch this:

She is so painfully out of her league. Not a great speaker, not a great thinker, not a great leader. Not a great anything, really.

It’s never been more obvious that she was picked because she checked off the right boxes for the Democrats. Heck, Biden even admitted that was why he chose her.

And boy howdy, does it EVER show when watching her answer a question on the fly.

It means nothing.

Supply chain issues.

Pass Build Back Better.


How does that fix what’s happening with inflation in the country, Kammy? Maybe talk about all of the money you’ve been printing? Start there?

It’s like she was handed a few bullet points and tries sticking to them.

And she doesn’t do a great job of doing that either.


True story.



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