Chris Hayes wants NYC public schools to delay reopening for a week to reduce transmissions/exposures.

Raise your hand if you think this sounds a LOT like the crap they pulled with two weeks to flatten the curve. What a privileged a-hole to suggest this at all. He won’t be without childcare at the last minute, he won’t miss work because school has been canceled, nothing about closing the schools will impact him in the least so it’s easy for him to say, ‘Hey, it’s just a week.’ Unlike the mom or dad who can’t call in when there is nobody at home to watch the kids. Let’s not pretend it wasn’t the poorest who paid the most when schools went remote. All while the unions claimed it was more equitable to keep them out of the classroom.

These people …

He’s super glad they’re prioritizing classroom learning BUT they should do remote for a week. And notice he doesn’t say think, he says he FEELS … because he’s in touch with how he feels. Too bad he’s not in touch with his brain.

Continuing …

Or, and hear us out, kids go back to school as they have been because the virus isn’t spreading in schools and has never really been a concern for them anyway. Why do we keep making our kids pay to appease adults? Enough.

This didn’t go over well for Mr. Hayes:





It’s time. No more cloth accessories, no more face diapers … no more. They aren’t doing anything anyway.

Or meme.

Good point.


True story.

The psychological damage being done to kids to protect adults (and to support the teacher’s unions) is horrific.



Thanks for showing us your privilege, Chris.


He’s media so of course, he hasn’t done any research.


No way!

Who knew!?

Ding ding ding.^


Basically useless?

Let’s go with TOTALLY useless.



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