Whoohoo! 2021 is finally coming to an end (although it seems like it just started and yet lasted a bazillion years) so it’s time to put together a list of some of the dumbest, most hilariously bad tweets of the year. Many of them we covered, some of them we missed, most of them made us laugh AT the person tweeting it and not with them.

Note, yeah it’s IMPOSSIBLE to list all of the worst tweets on Twitter but we had to try. Heh. We know we missed thousands and thousands of crappy tweets but there’s always next year and WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE US?!


Take a look, starting with the one and only Jen P-sucky who was determined to make sure we all knew what an awesome job Kamala Harris has done as VP.


Ok, and this one from Hillary THAT SHE SENT JUST TODAY because omg, c’mon. This picture is easily 20 years old.

Really lady?

And speaking of lady … that’s no lady!

No one seemed to believe Kamala’s tweet about her family’s Kwanzaa traditions.

Wonder why.

Oh, and we listed a few from The Lincoln Project because they are truly a dumpster fire unto their own right:


Did we say creepy? Yeah.

The last group who should be tweeting about kids is these a*s-nuggets.

Another a*s-nugget would be this guy.


He almost makes David Hogg seem smart.


When David tweeted this, people were taking up collections to help him leave the country. We debated using his tweets about his failed pillow business but we thought this one truly encapsulated Harvard’s pride.

And then there’s this broad:

Amy gets fussy with us when we write about her, but this was too good not to include. Plus Youngkin’s win in Virginia was AWESOMELY AWESOME.

We can tell you what’s NOT awesomely awesome, and that’s any tweet from Jeffery ‘Got Caught Boppin’ His Bologna on a Zoom Work Call’ Toobin.


This ‘worst tweets’ stuff seriously writes itself.

If we included every crappy tweet AOC sent in 2021 the whole list would just be her so we chose this one … again, after Younking’s win. Ok ok, so this editor is totally biased. DEAL WITH IT.

Virginia is red, y’all.


Anyway, back to it.

Couldn’t be a list of awful tweets without at least one from our favorite tater, Brian Stelter.

Sure we could have included one of the hundreds of tweets where he babbles about Fox News BUT considering the story around CNN right now, we thought this one made sense.

You know who doesn’t make sense?

Alyssa Milano. True, this is not her ‘tweet’ but she said it:


And here’s a little more yikes since we’re dealing in ‘yikes’ right now.


Also, this hurts worse and since we saw it you do too.

Lucky you.


And while you’re at it, make this stop too.

Not great, guys.

Gotta love this nugget from Glenn Kessler admitting they wouldn’t be fact-checking Biden.

Jennifer Rubin is another tweeter with so many horrible tweets we weren’t sure where to start so again, this tweet about Bill Kristol endorsing Terry McAuliffe.


That was a big endorsement, you bet.

This next tweet wasn’t bad, it was just epic.

A lawyer using Zoom couldn’t get the cat filter off, remember this!?


Poor guy.

Want to see another ‘poor guy’? Look no further than Rep. Eric Swalwell. We write about this yahoo at least once a week if not more because he is a train wreck on Twitter. Like AOC, if we included every one of his crap tweets it would be JUST him on this list so we went with one of his most recent, where he claims this guy threatened him on Instagram. Nobody seems to buy his story though:

Yeah, awkward.

Sort of like anything from Scott Dworkin:


Hooboy, that was hilarious.

As was this from Paul Krugman:

Gotta love it when an economist tells the poors inflation won’t hurt them.


Almost as ridiculous as this from Jemele Hill:


Alrighty then.

Oh, and this piece couldn’t be done without at least one horrid tweet from one horrid blue-check claiming January 6 was worse than 9/11.

Honestly, we’re shocked this one is still up.

Then again, we’re shocked this woman leaves any of her tweets up.

There are so many … so many.

Awww, and President Biden abandoning Americans and Afghanis. Good times:


Another wow, and not in a good way:


We tell ourselves they can’t help but be horrible but you know what, they can help it.

They just don’t.

Case in point.

The DAY Madden passed.

Classy as always.

Sort of like Stephen King.

But this editor’s favorite?

Seth Rogen telling people he was AOK with being robbed over and over again because it’s called ‘living in a big city.’

As we said WAAAAAAY up there, we’ve only barely scratched the surface when it comes to horrible tweets, but we hope you enjoyed our list. Thank you for being part of our readership in 2021 and we look forward to pointing and laughing at these crazies and many more in 2022 and beyond. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! – sj



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