Way back when, when there were lots and lots of us sounding the alarms on the government shutting down the country ‘for two weeks to flatten the curve,’ we were called selfish, conspiracy theorists, paranoid, terrorists, and other terms of endearment the Left has come up with since ‘racist’ became irrelevant. But now that it seems like the narrative is changing, that we shouldn’t be counting cases for a benchmark (funny how that happens when the numbers are high under Biden) those same people who dragged us want us to be humble and kind claiming both sides were wrong?



Eff all that.

Like Jesse Kelly tweeted:

They were wrong.

And they should just leave it alone.

But of course, they won’t.

These didn’t have to be ‘trying, confusing times,’ and the government did everything it could to confuse and divide this country over an election. So pardon us if we’re not ready to hold hands and sing Cumbaya and pretend we didn’t watch these same people do their best to destroy this country.

Yeah, Jesse took this really well. Totally. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

No, chief. No.

What he said.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Some gifs are just perfect for tweets like Zachary’s.

They lied.

Then they lied more.

And then they tried to pretend they never lied.




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