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REALLY says it all --> #AOCLovesDeSantis trends as the Socialist Democrat STAR is caught living it up in mandate-free Florida while her constituents suffer

Florida is so horrible and evil and scary and downright AWFUL with all of that DeSantis freedom stuff that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went there.

For what looks like a vacation.


New Year’s Eve?

Gosh, we can’t help but think about the hissyfit the Left threw when Ted Cruz went to Cancun during a winter storm in Texas. So far, we’re not hearing a peep from her lemming admirers but you’d think she’d stay put and try to do something to help her constituents who are suffering through their largest COVID surge yet. Not to mention the endless mandates being imposed on them and their children that have YET to do a damn thing to stop the latest variant.

But hey, those margaritas ain’t gonna drink themselves:

But we thought Florida was evil and stuff? Huh.

How could she?!



Quick, look like you’re working, someone just took our picture.

Fun being ‘famous,’ ain’t it, Sandy?


And all smiles in DeSantis’ Florida.

Freedom doesn’t suck, we get it. The issue is she’s a gigantic flipping hypocrite.

Who doesn’t?

You never know. A photo of her weeping profusely outside of this restaurant could very well show up at any moment. She was there to free the immigrant workers who made her margarita! Yeah, that’s it.


Well, you can, but it’s so much better when it’s real.



And THAT’S the truth.



WOOF, this was painful: Kamala Harris’s response when asked about inflation is a hot dumpster of CRINGE (watch)

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