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MUY SUCKO! Biden's approval rating with Hispanics SIGNIFICANTLY lower than with Whites (these numbers are 'DEVASTATING for Democrats')

And we thought Biden’s numbers with whites were bad.

In other words, ‘Realmente malo, horrible y asqueroso.’


Great pick with Biden, Democrats.


Biden is in trouble with Hispanics.

Democrats are in trouble with Hispanics.

Heck, anyone who was paying attention to what happened in Virginia’s gubernatorial election can see that.

Yeah, that’s it!


Annnd we’re dead now.


Biden’s wall.



Nobody wants to Latinx all over themselves like that.




Dean Cain makes Ian Millhiser look like a total JACKA*S for claiming if we had free and fair elections Dems would have SOOOO many more senators

Do you even CIVICS, bro?! David Hogg SCHOOLED after claiming America needs to create more states

You say that like it’s a bad thing: Ana Navarro telling the unvaccinated she doesn’t want to ‘see, talk, work with, or know you’ BACKFIRES hilariously

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