Ever notice Lefties like David Hogg always want to change the system (or country) when the system actually does its job? Heh. Ever since Joe Manchin pulled the plug on President Out-to-Lunch’s Build Back Better plan, the Left has been demanding more senators because it’s not fair that one senator can keep them from having what they want.

Or something.

Granted, it’s more than one senator (it’s 51 of them), but they’re just so flabbergasted that one of their OWN would break rank and not vote for Biden’s garbage bill they don’t know what to do. So David’s idea is more states.

He probably thinks that would mean more Democratic senators or something.

Fine, let’s break California up into several because all areas outside of the bay and LA are pretty purple if not outright red. Oh, and Maryland can have NOVA as well. Why not?

Careful what you wish for, David.

Sounds complicated.

There it is!

Truer words have never been spoken.

Super awesome!

They really really really don’t handle a loss very well.


Too late.

He already did.



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