Elizabeth Warren pretending it’s the EVIL GROCERY OVERLORDS who are making the prices in grocery stores shoot through the roof is one of the silliest things we’ve seen from her, and considering she lied about her heritage for DECADES to take advantage of programs created for a minority group that’s pretty damn bad.

See for yourself:

Of course the lawmakers are deflecting, they don’t want to admit their insane contributions to even MORE INSANE inflation is what’s really causing the issues. So what do Democrats do? Blame the evil, faceless, corporate America.

Grocery store chains.


Christina Pushaw was good enough to bring some puppets and crayons to the party and explain it to Liz:

And trust us, our government has printed WAY TOO DAMN much money.

One of her worst tweets.



They wanted to blame the evil meat people last time.

We suppose when your supporters are dumb enough to believe this sort of crap you’ll just keep pushing it.

Oh, wait, indeed.



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