When you think the government’s job is to keep you and your family comfy …


We get it. Manchin and Sinema are the big baddies to people like Joy Reid because they stood in the way of Biden’s ridiculous, expensive, disaster aka Build Back Better but all Joy really did here is make herself look grossly uninformed, ignorant, and quite frankly, privileged.

If she had ever had to depend on the government she would know it’s not a winning situation for anyone involved.

It gets worse.

Lucky you.

Say what?

Because everyone knows West Virginia is a super-rich state.

Democrats want to sink the poor with indefinite debt, keep them dependent on government handouts, and desperate enough to continue voting for them. Not entirely sure how that helps the poor and struggling but then again this is Joy Reid we’re talking about.

Maybe those time-traveling hackers broke into her Twitter account?

Nah, this level of stupid could only come from Joy.

Get her a mirror.

There’s a reason Manchin couldn’t get on board with this legislation, and it’ sn



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