Randi Weingarten keeps trying to rewrite history but that ain’t happenin’.

Not on this editor’s watch.

Not ever.

Awww, look. Randi cares so much!

From NPR.org:

Educators and researchers we spoke with gave several possible explanations for the continuing falloff: an increase in home-schooling, a shift to charter schools and private schools, another year of delays in entering pre-K or kindergarten, and families moving to enroll in districts that weren’t captured in our sample.

But educators are most worried about vulnerable students who may have fallen through the cracks in the widespread economic and social disruption caused by the pandemic.

“We think we found most of them, but there are still probably a thousand kids out there, we just don’t know what happened to them,” says Dallas Superintendent Michael Hinojosa. “Other urban superintendents are telling me they have significantly higher numbers of students that they’re really worried about.”

Gosh, think it’s taking school away from kids for years that might have impacted them? Troglodytes.

Bethany Mandel just NUKED Randi:


In their quest for more money and power, Randi and the teacher’s unions showed the country who they really are.

And none of us are going to ever forget.



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