When Joe Manchin pulled the plug on Biden’s Build Back Better BS the Left went into full-out meltdown mode. Honestly, if they hadn’t we’d have been shocked because as we’ve witnessed firsthand over the past five years now when Lefties don’t get what they want they tantrum.

Set cities on fire.


And then Democrats tell us it was ok for them to do it and how dare we second-guess their right to protest or some other happy horse crap.

Glenn Greenwald’s thread on how Democrats worship their political leaders and their behavior, in general, is short and anything but sweet.

Take a gander:

They’ve been acting like giant spoiled babies for a long time.

True story.

We see it more as a religion for people on the Left but both work.

What Glenn said.

When they can’t blame one Democratic senator, they blame the GOP for stopping them from doing magical things.

And their voters eat it up.

We know that and Glenn clearly knows that, but Democrats still believe they are the party of the little man, the poor, the downtrodden. They refuse to admit their leaders are the ones getting rich in office … like Nancy Pelosi.

Sure seems that way.

See Virginia.

We just need a LOT more of it.



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