Remember when Jim Cramer said people who opposed the COVID jab would probably support Polio and then he claimed the government has the ‘right’ to force Americans to obey? Yeah, he’s not just been pro-vaccination, he’s been pro-let’s-make-everyone-kneel about it. Otherwise, we doubt his sharing his positive COVID test result would have received so much dragging.

What was he THINKING sharing this? We all know he’s vaccinated (and likely boosted) so he had to know it wouldn’t be good.

Plus, it looks like a pregnancy test. Who designed this thing?!

All joking aside, we do hope Jim gets better.

But in the meantime …

Maybe if Jim DOUBLE obeyed the government? Yeah?


That too.

Seems the home tests are very expensive and hard to come by.

Jim and his freakin’ COVID privilege.


Distinguished. Isn’t that what they said about Obama’s birthday party aka super-spreader event?

Them’s the rules.

It’s a girl!

Something like that.



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