Boy oh boy, Biden sure can inspire a nation. Heh.

Remember when President Pooped His Pants was promising he and Kammy had a plan to stop the virus on DAY ONE! Guess they are figuring out a virus is gonna virus and no government can stop that, but instead of admitting the actual science, they’re going to point the finger at unvaccinated Americans.

Even though we’ve learned even people who are vaccinated and boosted are catching COVID (see Warren, Booker, etc.).

Christina Pushaw was good enough to share Biden’s upcoming and uplifting holiday message to unvaccinated Americans:


Or the old man from Poltergeist 2 … ‘YOU’RE ALL GONNA DIIIIIIIIE.’

Also, do you all remember when Biden said he’d unify the country?

Yeah, that’s not happening.

Meanwhile, lockdown fanatics are angry that Biden has not locked us down.

Have we mentioned people have lost their minds because yeah, people have lost their minds?

Height of delusion is what we’re seeing across the board from the Left right now.

Perfectly said.



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