Eric Swalwell really really REALLY needs to put the Twitter down. He’s just not good at it.

As Twitchy readers know, Friday afternoon Swalwell tried really hard to dunk on Ted Cruz on Twitter with a subtweet, which is basically a coward’s way of fighting just to appease the lemmings and sheep that follow them. Cruz saw it, and directly tweeted him to ‘hush child,’ no subtweet.

Honestly, we watched for Eric to come back at some point with some sort of lame retort but he never did UNTIL the following day.

That’s it?

That’s all Eric had?

A dig at Cruz’s wife and his trip to Cancun last winter.


Eric does know he’s the guy who farted on national children and had an inappropriate relationship with a Chinese spy, right?

Like a dim yellow bulb of a dying bug zapper.

That would be a great idea.

Eric has to know it will always go this way.


He could at least up his game.

Or maybe he couldn’t … heh.



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