Sorry, Biden, guess Manchin IS in charge.

Sounds like Senator Joe Manchin has officially pulled the plug on Biden’s crap legislation, ‘Build Back Better.’ What makes this even more delicious (unless you’re weepy Democrats) is that Joe did this on Fox News Sunday.


And the majority of Americans thank you for that, Joe. The bill is a hot mess of awful that will hurt all Americans while pretending to help, which is typical of Democratic legislation. Hey, just look at the sh*tshow that is Obamacare.


And cue the crazy meltdowns on the Left:

It’s painfully obvious these people did not get a civics class in school.

He continued:

Oh, and just FYI:


Anyway, they’re not handling this well.

Poor creatures.

Devastating to the planet?

Oh, Sam.


They didn’t want it either.


They only ever want to fundamentally change things when they LOSE.

Calling for Biden to act as a dictator.

Alrighty then.

Manchin won’t do that either, honey.

They just can’t deal with it when they’re not getting their way. How very authoritarian of them.



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