We have written about Eric Swalwell a lot this week. It’s never a good thing for someone when we write about them more than once a week.

The dude is a walking, talking disaster on Twitter … and in real life as well but Twitter is really our domain. We’ll leave ‘real life’ up to those who have to deal with the guy in REAL life.

Yup, good with that.

It all started here:

Not sure why he decided to get all big and bad with Ted Cruz in a subtweet.

If he was really tough he’d have actually tagged the good senator from Texas but nope.

It’s called a republic, Eric, and it protects the minority from the majority.

Maybe you should look it up.

And even though Eric couldn’t be bothered to tag Ted, he clearly saw the tweet and responded in kind.

Think Ted laughed after he tweeted this?

We do.

We did.



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