Seriously, Jim Acosta thought this pic was a good idea?

Forget that we’re in a PANDEMIC and not a single, solitary person in this picture is socially distanced OR masked, but considering he’s posting with his Atlanta team? You’d think there would be a teensy bit more diversity … right?

Not to mention the creepy-a*s picture of the Fox News Christmas tree that burned down with headshots of Fox News’ hosts around it.

Dude is broken:


Desperate for attention as his outlet sinks more and more?

Really this dense?

Who knows?

He’s completely blind to a LOT of things but we digress.


Because he’s a creepsh*t.

THERE it is.

Dude has issues.

And creepy.

Fair question. Especially in Atlanta.


Super awesome.


THAT would be a hoot.

Oh right.



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