History called, Randi, it said you’re all full of crap.

Man oh man, Randi Weingarten’s union, the American Federation of Teachers, is really working hard to pretend they weren’t the ones who shut down schools for multiple school years and that their deal leader has been FIGHTING to keep the kids in school.

They must think people haven’t been paying attention because we call BS.

Corey DeAngelis busted the whole lot of them trying to push the same story with the same quote … aka he caught them gaslighting like crazy.

Well lookie there.

Color us NOT shocked.

Asher got a little cranky with people for calling him out …

As we said up there, it ain’t gonna work, Randi.


We’re not.

See Florida.

See Texas.

See Wyoming.

And anyone without an agenda knows it is.


One awful union deserves another.

Gosh, almost like someone sent out a memo to make this happen.

Hate to rain on their parade.

No, not really.



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