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Winner winner chicken DINNER --> Jedediah Bila has the single BEST description of the COVID mandates we've seen YET

Mandates suck.

Sorry, not sorry.

But they REALLY suck in New York City, which is surging with COVID again even though they’ve had the strictest mandates in place for a long while now. Guess those vaccine passports and masks on two-year-olds didn’t stop the spread.


Jedediah Bila actually said it best:


Someone who is not sick can’t go into a restaurant without being vaccinated but someone who is vaccinated CAN go into a restaurant.

And spread the virus because as we’re seeing more and more, the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission.

Common sense is truly the Left’s kryptonite.

Especially when it comes to DUH PANDEMIC.

We all do.

Well, those of us who aren’t completely insane.


Sort of like how we’re seeing people who are not only vaccinated but boosted as well catching COVID.

None of this makes sense.

Or as Jedediah so poetically put it …

It’s all horse sh*t.



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