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'Only cuz she's second-fiddle to a chunk of firewood': Salon calls Kamala Harris the 'most powerful VP since Richard Nixon' and OMG-LOL

Kamala Harris … the most powerful VP … riiiiiiight.

The harder they work at making Kamala a thing, the more people seem to reject her. It’s almost as if Kamala really and truly is a horrible, unlikable, harpy from Hell who couldn’t even win her own state during the Democratic primary.


This is what happens when you select someone for an important role because they check the right ‘identity’ boxes.

From Salon (sorry!):

Perhaps not many — but Harris’ unique status is no secret. No woman has ever previously held national elected office, nor has any person of Asian ancestry. Harris is also the first Black vice president, a fact which obviously leaves her somewhat in the shadow of Barack Obama. As a recent Daily Beast article points out, Harris is held to a double standard, and her sinking poll numbers and hostile press coverage seem to reflect that.

The symbolic significance of a Black woman with multiethnic heritage presiding over a 50-50 Senate still largely comprised of white men is impossible to miss. Harris has literally tilted the balance of power toward the Democrats with her tie-breaking votes, and vice-presidential history suggests she could also do so in a more profound way. That’s where Richard Nixon comes in.


Yeah, we can’t include any more than that.

Yikesville, right?

And not a funny one at that.

Fair point.


We made this exact same face.

It’s the broad Biden picked because she checked the right boxes.

That’s who.



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