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Sit DOWN! Christina Pushaw takes FL Sen. Jason Pizzo APART in heated back and forth over Florida businesses (Dem Rep butting in gets DROPPED too)

A Democrat claiming any Republican isn’t ‘business savvy’ is ridiculous, but when that Republican is Ron DeSantis, the only governor to have kept his state prosperous during the lockdowns and other nonsense, that’s plain stupid.


And speaking of plain stupid …

So apparently if you don’t want businesses going out of business due to overreaching government lockdowns you’re not business savvy.

Alrighty then.

Christina Pushaw chimed in:

If DeSantis is America’s governor, we’re pretty sure that makes Christina America’s press secretary.

Just sayin’.

Pizzo tried to be a condescending jackwagon in response:

He’ll wait.

What a toad.

Christina fired back:


But wait, there’s more:

Pow and POW.

Now you can tell ol’ Pizzo is upset …

Holy Hell.

Yeah yeah, we know, we don’t expect much from this guy but it’s like he wants to be humiliated on Twitter.


Oh, and then some other Democrat tried to help her pal Pizzo out:

Guess how that went.


You know, they never learn.

But hey, it’s good for Twitchy that they don’t so who are we to complain?

And fin.



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