Whatever the White House is doing to try and make Kamala Harris seem more likable, more powerful, more empathetic, more of a leader … it ain’t working. Whether she’s ‘acting’ with a bunch of hired child actors to babble about NASA or pandering to as many checked political identity boxes as she can in a boring yet melodramatic speech at the DNC, the woman is just a hot mess of a train wreck.

Case in point:

What a disaster Kamala is. Wow.

From The Hill:

Biden and Harris spoke with donors and supporters as their agenda faces a critical juncture. The Build Back Better package faces an uncertain future in the Senate as Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) voices concerns about moving forward too hastily, and advocates are growing frustrated about inaction on voting rights, gun laws and immigration, among other subjects.

The DNC celebration took place on the same day the White House indicated it would not host its traditional holiday parties amid concerns about the coronavirus. Instead, it will hold private tours for lawmakers and other guests to view Christmas decorations inside the building.

DNC can have a holiday celebration but not the White House.

That speaks volumes.

As do the thousands of tweets responding to Kamala and NOT in a good way:

Democrats wouldn’t recognize law or order if they both fell out of the sky, landed on their faces, and started to wiggle.



Considering the rumors we’re hearing about the Biden administration looking to replace Kamala? Could be.


She doesn’t care about Americans, just the convenient little boxes they check so she can pander.




The VERY least.

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