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MAAAYBE sit this one out, Fang Banger: Eric Swalwell's attempt to paint Republicans as 'hating the police' is SO MUCH fail

Yeah yeah yeah, we know, it would be MORE newsworthy if Eric Swalwell wasn’t acting like a total douche-waffle on Twitter but we couldn’t let this humdinger of a moronic tweet go without writing about it. Eric DOES realize he’s a Democrat, right?


This was really, really dumb.

Take a look:

Someone wanna remind the representative who farted on national television that Democrats wanted to defund the police? Thanks.

Holy Hell.

This was not about them hating law and order, this was about them defying ridiculous and overreaching mandates that are more of a power grab than medical mitigation and Eric knows it. Then again, he’s about as bright as a slowly-burning-out bug zapper so maybe he doesn’t know it.

Hopefully, he knows it now.

There ya’ go.

Probably should avoid talking about Eric’s a*s, we’ve seen nationally what comes out of there and no thank you.


We’re so old we remember that too!

Yeah, pretty sure the fascist with the questionable connection to a Chinese spy should sit this one out.



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