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WOMP-womp: Sarah Silverman doesn't like the TASTE of her own Lefty medicine after Lefties paint her as a RACIST for calling out Joy Reid (watch)

Sarah Silverman is learning the hard way what it’s like when the Leftist mob she is USUALLY a part of comes after you. Apparently, Silverman didn’t know that criticizing Joy Reid EVEN THOUGH she deserved the criticism automatically makes her a racist and therefore she must be destroyed.


Hey, she helped make the rules …


Sarah, meet the Left.

You know, your people.

Think she’ll learn anything from this?

It’s all about who is the biggest victim and who can out-victim who.

That’s the entire base of their movement, which is why they always end up eating their own.


If she actually learned from this experience, absolutely.

We’re just not all that convinced she WILL learn anything.



Self-proclaimed ‘anti-Republican’ toad claims Trump supporters want COVID to continue since it hurts Black people and HOOBOY, that’s a lotta backfire

‘Pure GARBAGE’: Journo commenting on Bob Dole’s funeral can’t help but TRASH Ted Cruz for being maskless and HOOBOY that’s some backfire

Can’t BELIEVE they left this up! Catturd™ has discovered the worst-aged tweet in #JussieSmollett history and ROFL

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