Catturd nailed it. Sorry, Catturd™.

We’ve shared a good many tweets from our dear, good friends on the Left illustrating how ugly, misinformed, racist, hateful, and downright MEAN they really were when not only defending Jussie Smollett’s hate crime hoax but how they used it to trash an entire faction of this country.

That had nothing to do with them.

Well, technically it had nothing to do with ANYONE since Jussie faked the whole damn thing but still.

Catturd found the worst-aged tweet in history.

You KNOW you’ve really s**t the bed when an account named after a cat’s poo can point and laugh at YOU.

This is … this is bad.

Way to go, GQ.


A full retraction.

And monkeys might fly outta our butts.


Oh, man.

Fair point.

Just not in the way he necessarily wanted.



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