Poor Ronald Klain.

He has to keep trying to convince Americans not to believe their lying eyes and believe what he is saying about the Biden administration. Ronald seems to think that gas prices dropping in roughly 18 states proves gas prices are coming down … even though we all know the prices aren’t really coming down and if they are, it’s temporary.

Notice he doesn’t want to talk about what gas prices were when his boss took office nearly a year ago.

Wonder why.

Biden CREATED this mess, Ron. Duh.

Inflation surged.

What, is P-Sucky going to trot out again and tell us how inflation is actually a good thing?


If Ron could do math he wouldn’t be a Democrat.

Yeah, buddy.

But that’s not FAIR.

This is an insult to ‘damn clowns’ everywhere.

Womp womp.

Everyone but Ronald seems to know that.

OR Ronald thinks Biden’s supporters are too stupid to know that.

Maybe both.



Accurate and to the point.

That works.



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