This thread from Floridian and data guy Kyle Lamb about Governor Ron DeSantis and the job he did with COVID in Florida is pretty damn good. There’s a reason so many on the Left already have DDS (DeSantis Derangement Syndrome) …

They’re terrified of him.

When you look at the data you can see WHY.

Gosh, almost like DeSantis did his job instead of exploiting a virus for political and power gain. Too bad governors like Northam, Whitmer, Inslee, Brown, Cuomo (ha ha ha), Newsom and a plethora of other blue-state governors didn’t pay attention to what he was doing.

Remember that?! When they claimed DeSantis was giving his pals preferential treatment when he was vaccinating the elderly first? All while they were having a COVID bromance with Cuomo whose policies were killing thousands of people in nursing homes.


Crazy talk.

Almost like we should be looking at real science instead of convenient ‘political science’.

We can already move along.

What he said.

Oh, and DeSantis 2024.

Just sayin’.

And just like Trump, anytime someone writes something good about DeSantis a hater or two (or a few dozen) show up:


Wanna bet this same person doesn’t blame Biden for the hundreds of thousands of COVID deaths that have happened on the old man’s watch?

But DeSantis BAD.



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