Earlier this week, CNN’s Oliver Darcy bragged about how the Biden White House was working with super important outlets to ‘reshape their economic coverage’ … yeah, he thought it was cool the government was working with media on what they should be reporting.

We made the same face.

Welp, it didn’t take long before a story surfaced about how Biden is actually doing a super rad job and we’re all just too stupid not to figure it out  YET. And before we can say, ‘Let’s Go Brandon’, Biden and Democrats will prove they did a good job.

Or something.

Heck, even Joe Scarborough shared this nonsense:

From Washington Monthly:

If investors are right—and assuming Omicron doesn’t upend everyone’s lives—the conditions for a very strong economy through 2022 are in place. The personal saving rate spiked from March 2020 to July 2021 at the highest levels since World War II, giving tens of millions of households the means to continue to make purchases put off during the pandemic. Employment will continue to rise, and with it, total wage and salary income. The 2022 rollout of infrastructure projects authorized last month will further support more gains in growth, jobs, and incomes, as will the first tranche of spending from the Build Back Better program if Congress approves the measure.

Given this year’s remarkable gains in growth and employment, why is Biden’s approval on the economy so far underwater? It’s really not very mysterious: Americans’ perceptions of the economy always lag actual economic conditions when those conditions have recently changed. Everyone remembers how terrible the economy was less than one year ago, and many Americans are still unconvinced that the turnaround will last.

YES, blame COVID for when Biden continues to suck eggs.

That’s worked so well thus far.

Misery index.


LOL indeed.



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