In this thread, this Ethan Grey dude tried to claim Trump and his base support COVID because it impacts Black people and ‘other vulnerable populations.’


Hey, we read a lot of hate-filled and awful stuff and even WE were taken aback that he not only thought this, but went ahead and put it out there in black and white for the world to see.

Pretty sure it’s not the Right who keeps pushing for COVID to continue. Just sayin’.

In fact, most Republicans, Conservatives, and even Independents and Moderates are ready to get back to normal and stop with the constant shots, masks, lockdowns, and other crap the Left (sorry Ethan) seems to love pushing on everyone in their quest for more power and control over the masses.

That’s why this thread is just so dumb.

Ok, there are many reasons this thread is dumb but that’s a biggie.

Well-intentioned white people …


Sorry, we just can’t.

No, we know they’re not original.

White savior guy.

Keep going.

We hate to break it to him, but believe it or not, most of Trump’s base IS vaccinated. The people most resistant to the vaccine would likely surprise him. No, people who have taken the vaccine and who have been wearing masks for ALMOST TWO YEARS NOW, are tired of it. They’re tired of being told, ‘just one more booster’ or ‘if you don’t take this you’re killing grandma.’ They’ve done their part.

But then again, Ethan is busy talking to ‘well-intentioned white people,’ so maybe they don’t get it.

The most important thing is that a virus shouldn’t be exploited to take away our freedom.

It’s not complicated, Ethan.

And it’s not just Trump’s ‘base’ who believes this, but we digress.

You know the face you make when you’re pretty sure someone in the elevator may have stepped in dog poo but you’re not entirely sure it’s not you since you have two dogs so you don’t want to say anything but you can’t help but make a face?

Yup, just made that face.

Man, we’d hate to share all of the tweets from people on the Left wishing death and destruction on the red states with COVID.

Oh, horse crap.

We think he’s gotten Biden and Trump confused.

Who wants to remind him of all the people STILL blaming Trump for the virus? Also, his bio reads, ‘Anti-Republican,’ but you know we’re sure his observations are super-rational and not at all political.

Holy Hell.

Told you this is dumb.

Skipping a few because if we don’t we’re pretty sure our eyes will be stuck in the back of our head from rolling them so much.

Yup, he’s still going.

And it’s not getting any better.

Skipping a few more.

He does realize it was a campaign year, right?

Skipping again.

Yeah, you know what, we’re not going to make it all the way through this garbage. We get it, we’re paid the ‘big bucks’ to put ourselves through the horrors of Twitter but this self-serving, white savior tripe is too much even for us. If you’d like to torture yourself and read the entire mess you can follow what we did post back to Twitter.

Bring a barf bag.


Awww, yes, clown college.

Womp womp.

The cherry on top is what he tweeted last year about the vaccine when Kamala Harris declared she would not take Trump’s shot:



These people. And they wonder why we don’t take them seriously about … well, anything.



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