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'Did you even READ it?' AOC sharing 'dishonest, racially inflammatory' Reuters story to push for an end to the filibuster does NOT go well

Obviously, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez needs to spend some time reading Twitchy.

THAT, or she should at least take a look at Tom Bevan’s thread about this very story she’s pushing to pretend evil Republicans are just purging Black Democrats from county election boards because they’re SUPER DUPER RACISTS.


There is a good bit more to what has happened in Georgia than Reuters bothered to explain, which is why Bevan called the story, ‘deliberately dishonest and racially inflammatory.’

We’re not surprised AOC latched onto it:

Told ya’. It’s a crap article.

Does someone want to remind Sandy Democrats used the filibuster over 300 times in the past four years? Or maybe Bevan could share some of his tweets with her.

Like this one:

And this one:

And these:


But you know, RACISM.

Or something.

No, no she does not.



Gosh, almost like we already covered this story yesterday.

Silly Sandy.



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