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BOOM: Glenn Greenwald shares shot/chaser from WaPo's Paul Waldman to MOCK entire media since Steele dossier exposed as a FRAUD (screenshot)

Awwww, it’s so much fun watching major outlets that pushed the Russian collusion hoax for four years over a fake dossier pretend they ALWAYS knew better and that they weren’t working to destroy Trump and his administration.


Nope, not them.


Like this guy …

He literally says, ‘But to listen now you’d think it was all reported as fact. It wasn’t.’

Glenn Greenwald dropped a really really REALLY big receipt.

What Glenn said.


Or at least they think their readers are.

This is why Amy Siskind was trying to get them suspended.


Remember when they were all telling us how Mueller would be THE END OF TRUMP?


Anything to avoid admitting they were wrong, they knew they were wrong, and they didn’t care.



‘AWKWARD, SHADE WAR’: Biden’s treatment of Kamala Harris (and vice versa) at U.S. Capitol as Dole lies in state is SUPER cringe (watch)

This is the part where we call Biden, ‘Putin’s Puppet,’ right? Ted Cruz DECIMATES Biden-Harris officials for urging Ukraine to give in to Russia

Tom Bevan takes Reuters ‘dishonest, racially inflammatory’ story about GA GOP ‘purging’ Black Dems from county election boards APART in detailed thread

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