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'Are you HIGH'?! Joy Reid jumps ALL the sharks in abortion thread comparing 'right-wing extremists' to Talibanism (assist from Rashida Tlaib)

Good news! Joy Reid decided to chime in during the abortion debate on Twitter and wrote a bunch of batsh*t crazy tweets that remind us all why she works for MSNBC.


We can’t decide if she’s really this misinformed about people who are pro-life OR if she’s just that ignorant and hateful.

Perhaps we should embrace the power of and.

Seems we say that a lot these days …

Take a look for yourself:

What’s really amazing is this woman gets paid to write garbage like this.

And say garbage like this.

Hate to break it to her but there are plenty of women who are fiercely pro-life, maybe she should take some time to actually speak to them.

Heh, we know she won’t.

Three-quarters of Americans want abortion-on-demand?


Hey, we can play numbers games too. 80% of Americans do believe abortion should at least be regulated.

Crazy, we know.


Joy. *sigh*

Wanna bet Joy is fine with forcing people to take a shot?

Oh, and Rashida Tlaib jumped on the crazy train:

The only extremists we see right now are Joy and Rashida.



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