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'Democracy DIES in idol worship!' Christina Pushaw teams up with Seth Mandel to MOCK NY Mag's book of 'essays' on AOC's GREATNESS

AOC and ‘greatness’ are two words we NEVER expected to see together. LOL

Apparently, NY Magazine has put together a book of essays talking about how RAD Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is. It will include pieces on her beauty, her social media greatest hits, and her ‘rare authenticity.’


Stop laughing.

Ok, laugh, this shiznit is funny AF:

Oooh, a painted cover.


Something like that.

She gets away with being stupid because she’s not a warthog from Hell like so many other Democrats. Not to mention we all know she is more of an actress then a politician as she ‘auditioned’ for this role so nobody expects much from her.


This book is worship.

Fair point.


Christine Pushaw chimed in:

Or is that CHURNALISM?

Probably a REASON for that.


Get in line with the rest of us.



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DUDE! You KNOW Chris Cuomo REALLY screwed the pooch trying to help his predator big bro when Rolling Stone is calling him OUT

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