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ALMOST red-pilled Liberal Michelle Tandler's thread showing the DISASTER progressive policies have made of San Francisco a MUST-read

Progressives have destroyed San Francisco. That’s all there is to it.

Hey, don’t take our word for it, take local and ‘moderate Liberal’ Michelle Tandler’s word for it.


Her thread showing pictures of what they have done to San Francisco is absolutely infuriating and heartbreaking, all in one.

See for yourself:



Just awful.

But wait, there’s more.


It looks like a demilitarized zone.

Boarded up.

Signs telling people they’re open because they can’t just be open.


We’d say this is unbelievable but after the past few years, this is all too believable about San Francisco.



This IS their doing.

And the doing of people who keep electing them.

People are afraid 24/7 because the government of San Francisco cares more about being woke and anti-racist than they do about safety and security.

This this this!



Hell YES.

Then voting for people who care about the community more than they do woke politics.

But it starts with THE PEOPLE, like Michelle.



‘Bring it ON, #FangBanger’: Eric Swalwell’s attempt at getting all big and bad with parents and the unvaccinated FAILS spectacularly

DUDE! You KNOW Chris Cuomo REALLY screwed the pooch trying to help his predator big bro when Rolling Stone is calling him OUT

‘This is CHILD ABUSE’: Photo shows very little kids sitting ‘socially distanced’ and masked while ‘Dr. Jill’ Biden goes maskless

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