Tell us masking and socially distancing our kids is COVID theatre without actually saying masking and socially distancing our kids is COVID theatre.

Dr. Jill had to know the optics here are really and truly horrible, right? Nothing says you’re in touch with the American people like sitting in a chair maskless by the fireplace while a bunch of little kids is forced to sit on the ground far from one another with their faces covered up.

As her husband would say, ‘C’mon, man!’

Can you imagine the freakout the Left would have had if Melania had done this? Or Ivanka?

Look at these little kids, each sitting in their little separate ‘pod’, masked up, while Dr. Jill sits comfortably in a chair with no mask. Either Dr. Jill knows the masking is silly and doesn’t work OR she believes it’s ok to force the little ones to mask up so she doesn’t have to. Notice, the two gentlemen next to her are also masked up.

She’s the only one allowed to breathe, apparently.

Rules for thee and not for me – we find ourselves writing that more and more with this Biden administration.

Yeah, we’re hardly surprised.

They’re super distinguished and as we all know, COVID doesn’t infect distinguished people or something.

Quiet you!

The nerve.




She does match the Christmas tree.


Pretty tacky.

Both her and her dress.

If ANYONE should be masking up, it’s her.

Most everything is right now.




BOOM: Brit Hume dumps ice COLD water on Omicron ghouls pushing LATEST VARIANT to terrify the masses (lookin’ at you, Fauci)

Yup, she’s NERVOUS! Jennifer Rubin clearly SPOOKED after Glenn Youngkin’s win, tries reassuring HERSELF it won’t work again and LOL

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