Can always count on Brit Hume to bring common sense to the ‘table’ when talking about COVID.

He has been doing his part since Americans were told it would take two weeks to flatten the curve … they told us that almost two years ago now. And now they want to pretend this new variant found in South Africa WILL CAUSE ANOTHER SURGE and may end up locking us all down so everyone better get more shots and wear more masks.

Even though they really don’t know diddly about it.

Which, of course, Brit was good enough to point out:

Extremely mild.

No hospitalizations.

Almost as if COVID is behaving like other viruses and its mutations are becoming less severe, even if they are more transmissible. Sort of like OTHER viruses we’ve been living with for a long long loooooong time.

Crazy, right?

Makes sense to us.

Granted, this isn’t nearly scary enough for Fauci but this reads.

Wouldn’t it though?

Ahhh, but the fear-mongering allows for more control, more power, less freedom, and our pals in the ‘big government is your friend let us pay you to stay home and stop living your lives’ brigade have decided that’s the way to go.

Luckily, not all the states are going that way. Go Florida go (and soon, go Virginia go)!

Of course, they have been.

Now, if these same South African doctors were screaming that this variant is ‘the end of man’ they’d be praising them as the most studied of all doctors.

Only if she’s a parent telling the school board not to shut down or make the kids.



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