Looks like our pals at The Lincoln Project are moving away from working to elect what they called ‘good Republicans’ to NO Republicans. Guess their recent track record hasn’t been so hot, especially after that debacle in Virginia where they claimed they sent the white supremacists to teach Glenn Youngkin a lesson.

Or something.

Yeah, Glenn won.

Here is their pivot to a new ‘roadmap’:

In other words, even the Never Trumper money on the Right is starting to dry up and the only morons who will still give these grifters a dime are on the Left. They might as well stop pretending to be Republican, even though it will cost them their coveted ‘conservative analyst’ spot on CNN/MSNBC.

These dipsticks really need to drop the ‘Lincoln’ from their name.

Especially NOW.

Man, that was so embarrassing. We’re still pretty sure TLP was covering for someone (Virginia Democrats) but either way, this was such a huge mistake and one we in Virginia should thank them for since Glenn won.

And won BIG.

So great job, Rick.

Let’s hear it for that SOCIALISM!


That’s it exactly. Republicans who hated Trump have figured out they hate these people more, and the only ones who cheer are the lemmings who still think it was smart voting for Biden.



Pretty much. They failed with Republicans so this is all they can do. We suppose if Democrats like a bunch of failures appealing to them for money that’s on them.

Democrats, that’s who.

Didn’t it?


Now they say Republicans have turned their backs on America or something.

Such drama queens.

They have the ‘will destroy your campaign’ touch.

Little clunky, right?




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