Amy Siskind was tweeting at Jack Dorsey to add labels to vaccine disinformation just yesterday … and today he is reportedly stepping down as Twitter CEO.


We think not.

Da da daaaa!

OMG, WE’RE JUST KIDDING, Amy. It’s a joke. Don’t yell at us.

We don’t want her targeting us for suspension like she did DefiantLs for … *checks notes* … using her own tweets. Because you know, that’s sort of what we do too. We just provide a little commentary to go with them.

And not to be THAT person but technically if she is complaining about disinformation isn’t she admitting her own tweets are disinformation?

Asking for a friend.

Note, she turned off replies on her tweet.

Stunning and brave, right?

That didn’t stop people from quote-tweeting her which is honestly even worse.


Really not a great look.

It’s never fun when your tweets prove your bias and hypocrisy.

Pretty simple.

Who knows, right?


Take the L.


That’ll show ’em!

This reminds us of when people get fussy with us for posting their tweets.


Not that we’re Twitter experts (wait, are we?!), but this does look a little bit like targeted harassment.

Just sayin’.

That’s the thing about Twitter, it can be your best good friend or your worst bad enemy.




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