First graders should be focused on learning things like addition, subtraction, reading, writing … not about their teacher’s ‘queerness.’ But for whatever reason, ‘Professor’ Nalo took to Twitter to talk about how they use their first-grade classroom as a source of validation for their sexuality.

Using words like magic and turtles.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t write it.

Also, yeah yeah, we avoided the pronouns. Sorta. We know.

Take a look.

Why TF are first-graders asking this person about their queerness? Not sure we know any first-graders who have ever used the word ‘queerness.’

Do they ask straight teachers about being straight? Would it be appropriate for a straight teacher to talk about being straight?


Neither is ok.

This is such a strange way of thinking … not to mention professor, really?

Nalo doesn’t care about the children adjusting.

Nalo just wants them validating their queerness.

This is not complex.

This is honestly none of the children’s business.

If only adults would allow kids to be kids and stop using them as a means to push their agenda.

Yes, it’s hilarious how this teacher has so brainwashed the children they correct their own parents.

Teachers are supposed to teach kids how to think.

Not what to think.

This whole thread is just a huge red flag.

Whoa, what a great and simple suggestion, right?!

This this this. ^

Sounds like that’s exactly what is being said here.


Students are there to LEARN, not validate a teacher’s sexuality.



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