It feels like Jennifer Rubin is trying really hard to reassure herself the ‘Youngkin Playbook’ that worked in very blue Virginia won’t work for any other Republicans because of TRUMP.

You’d think by now she’d have figured out her hatred for one man has turned her into sort of a joke, especially in conservative circles, but here we are.

Remember when Jenn thought Bill Kristol endorsing Terry McAuliffe was a big deal? Heh.

Disarming business tycoon?

Has she MET Glenn Youngkin?

From the Washington Post:

These Trump-backed candidates are a far cry from the amiable family man and business tycoon that Glenn Youngkin presented himself as during his successful run for Virginia governor. The Republican did so while managing to keep Trump at arm’s length. His sunny disposition and adept maneuvering convinced voters he would not be a Trump clone. But that approach cannot work if the candidate has serious personal flaws.

A warning to Republicans hoping to win back the Senate majority: Trump’s picks have not been vetted for character. After all, why should Trump apply standards of rectitude he and his rabid cult reject for himself? Playing the “Youngkin playbook” may therefore be near impossible for many Republican candidates.

Oooh, a warning. So SKEERY.

And c’mon, Democrats vet their candidates for character? Give it up, Captain Insane-O.

Sounds to us like Jennifer is seeing the writing on the wall (sort of like the losers at The Lincoln Project) and is trying her damndest to not only convince the masses Republicans won’t win in 22 and 24, but herself as well.

We’ve got bad news for her, and good news for the country, she’s wrong.

She has been wrong, a lot.

Rent-free, baby.

Something like that.

Anyone Jenn disagrees with is dangerous in her little brain.

There is a whole new party Democrats refuse to acknowledge, and that’s the Parent Party. Parents don’t care about the R or the D, what they care about are policies that will keep their kids in school, and empower them to be part of their education.

That’s it.

That’s all Republicans have to do.

And luckily, Democrats are still playing the ‘CRT IS A RACIST DOG WHISTLE’ card which isn’t doing them any favors.



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