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'Overwhelming evidence ... ' Thread covers report NY Assembly Judiciary Committee released on Gov. Andrew Cuomo and it's DAMNING

As you read this thread on the report released by the NY Assembly Judiciary Committee keep in mind they gave this guy an Emmy and Democrats had a strange, political love affair with him during COVID.


Cuomo was a bad, bad man.

Take a look:

Overwhelming evidence he engaged in sexual harassment.

Gosh, that’s shocking … said no one who read any of the accusations, ever.

So other people wrote his famous book on how to be an awesome governor during a pandemic FOR HIM.



Reading through this, we’re not surprised Cuomo didn’t want to cooperate.

Was he paying those staffers and advisers with taxpayer’s money?

This is the big one, in our humble opinion.

Cuomo himself ordered the Department of Health to combat criticism of the elderly people his policies were killing in nursing homes. HE OFFERED EDITS TO THE REPORT.


Nice attempt at covering his backside.


Just wow.



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