As Twitchy readers know, social media manager for the DuPage Democrats in Illinois, Mary Lemanski, tweeted then deleted some fairly horrible tweets about the tragedy in Waukesha. Apparently, she felt the state of Wisconsin had it coming since Kyle Rittenhouse had been found not guilty.

She called it karma.

We suppose after the last 12 hours or so Lemanski herself has learned a thing or two about karma.

Earlier this morning, DuPage Democrats came out and said they do not support hate in any form, referring to Lemanski’s tweets:

Sounds like Lemanski resigned although we cannot find these tweets on the DuPage Democrats’ Twitter feed.

She did tweet it out herself:

Even the Democrats weren’t ok with her tweets.

Who’da thunk?


And ouch.

Aren’t we all?

Could have been one of those ‘resign or we’ll have to let you go,’ things but who knows.

Either way, karma seems to have introduced itself to Ms. Lemanski.



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