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BRO, just take the L! Tom Nichols dragged (then dragged some more) for tweet 'shaming' and lecturing anyone cheering Rittenhouse verdict

Oh look, Tom Nichols is wrong again. For an expert, he sure spends a lot of time being wrong.

This is not true and the only people who ‘know it’ are pretending this is somehow about racism when in reality it was about a city failing to protect its citizens in a summer of violence. And Tom should know better:




Guess how this went over:

Just put pronouns in your bio and self-flagellate over your white maleness.

We are SOOOOO borrowing that line.



It’s all about feelings and narrative in Tom’s world now.

That’s what happens when one becomes an expert.

Ding ding ding.



Seems legit.



GRRL, BYE! Cori Bush DROPPED for pushing straight-up LIES about Rittenhouse and verdict babbling about ‘white supremacy in action’

Cue the BATSH*T CRAZY! Here’s a bunch of blue-check Lefties losing their ever-loving MINDS over Rittenhouse verdict

WAKE TF people! Siraj Hashmi’s thread on how govt. has NEVER had American’s best interests in mind is STRAIGHT-FIRE

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