Lefties are handling the Rittenhouse verdict about as well as you’d expect … ROFL.

Within MOMENTS of the verdict, Amerikkka, White Privilege, Disgusted, The Purge, No Justice No Peace, etc. started trending on Twitter. To be fair, we knew it would happen (we’ve known for days if Kyle was found innocent Twitter would likely implode) but the number of blue-checks who either didn’t watch the trial or clearly had no idea what happened was surprising to even us.

We went through and grabbed a few (there are thousands more):

Pretty sure Kyle wasn’t the ‘scum inciting violence in the streets’ but okie dokie.


Again, we’re starting to think these people did not watch the trial.

Kyle is white.

The two guys who tried to beat him to death were white.


He looks white, right?

Good ol’ Ana …


None of them watched the trial.

Remember when Patton was funny?


We don’t either.

Love these white liberal saviors.

Except that’s not true, as evidence of the trial and not guilty verdict.


They weren’t just protesters.

They were attacking him and shouting the n-word.

Oh, Elie.

Gavin, maybe if our elected officials had bothered to do their jobs last summer instead of standing down to prove they weren’t racist none of this would have happened in the first place.

Lace up.

Swalwell is such a toad.

But you knew that.



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