Gotta love how our pals in the media are tripling down on kicking parents out of the classroom even after this narrative cost the Democrats Virginia.

This is … something else.

From NBC News:

But short of that, parents, community members and politicians who aren’t qualified to teach should keep their noses out of school curricula. A teacher’s main goal should be to teach children to think for themselves, and parents’ dictating the curriculum interferes with the nurturing of that independence.

The future of our country and world are sitting in today’s K-12 classrooms, and those children will eventually become adults in a world requiring their empathy, passion, intelligence and engagement. Parental interference in school curricula is poised to accomplish the exact opposite. Shielding students from real-world issues and diverse perspectives will create bubbles that will render their children ill-prepared to navigate society, particularly when they are called upon to contribute and think critically.

So if we don’t tell our white kids they are racists and our black kids they are oppressed we create bubbles.


Weird flex.


Yes, they do believe it.

And they are getting more emboldened to admit it.

Oh NBC, why do you insist on sucking so much?



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