This freakin’ guy.

Yeah yeah yeah, we should be glad he writes stupid stuff because tweets like this mean job security for Twitchy editors but still.

Dear Cenk Uygur:

Maybe study history a little bit. The party responsible for all of the crap you just tweeted will surprise TF out of you.


Twitchy Team

Oh, about that …

Ugh, do we have to?

And the schooling didn’t stop here:


Of COURSE, he’s trying to make it about white people.

That’s the point of his sh*t tweet.

He’s saying if white people didn’t feel guilty about their past they wouldn’t be angry when idgits like him use it to paint them all as racists.

We’re not saying it’s a smart take, just explaining what it is.

Good talk.

And that’s pretty damn pathetic.



That would be most beneficial.




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