More than 20 public school districts are allowing teachers to have mental health days around Thanksgiving break … oh, and the students too.

From CNN:

More than 20 public school districts across the nation are extending their Thanksgiving breaks by several days to allow for mental health days for students and staff.

Districts in at least six different states including Missouri, Kansas, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, and Maryland have amended their schedules to include “wellness days” this school year.

Missouri’s Ladue School District is among at least a dozen districts in the St. Louis area that built in extra days of rest around the holiday.

“We were noticing a common theme and that was stress,” Ladue Superintendent Jim Wipke told CNN. “When you talk to (teachers) about ‘how can I help you?’ a lot of them said, ‘I just need some time, time to decompress.’

Pretty sure we all need some time to decompress, especially those who never stopped working during the government lockdowns, but we digress.


And nobody has done more to (accidentally) promote school choice than AFT President Randi Weingarten.

You did this, Randi.

Unions used students and teachers as pawns while holding education hostage for more money, power, and to sway an election.

She has such a conveniently short memory.


Ahem. ^




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