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'#NeverTrump case for SUCKING at life' --> David French DRAGGED over smug piece shaming 'Trumpists' for seeing Kyle Rittenhouse as a hero

David French and his flaccid, Never Trump ilk just don’t get it.

And they never will.


We won’t bore you with an excerpt from David’s article and yes, it’s just as sanctimonious as you’d expect it to be.

In their quest to be ‘intellectual and above it all,’ Never Trump continues to miss the key part to what happened with Kyle Rittenhouse; they’re all so busy trying to shame ‘the kid’ who shouldn’t have been there in the first place they’re missing the bigger issue in how our leaders failed to protect our cities and so someone had to.

That, someone, was Kyle.

Which quite honestly makes him somewhat heroic.





This sums up the Never Trump movement very well.

See Rick Wilson.


We’re sure David’s haughty piece will work wonders should the moronic Left start setting cities on fire again.

This. ^

And not a funny one.



And yes, yes he is.



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