A couple of months back, Twitter locked this editor for telling someone to ‘knock themselves out.’ You know, like the old saying, ‘knock yourself out’? Apparently, that was a violent threat or something.

Stupid, right?

Sort of like when they locked James Woods for quoting Emerson?

Welp, seems Twitter was AOK with an account pushing to burn the city of Kenosha down and hang Judge Schroeder.

He/she/it/they only deleted it or locked down when they were called out … not because Twitter forced them to.

Woods called Twitter OUT:

Yup, we ‘member.

Nobody knows better than James that Twitter is biased AF.

As long as they’re threatening the right judges.

Would appear so.

But Jack swore they aren’t biased.

We could hardly write that with a straight face.

They could have stopped after, ‘Twitter is a tool’.



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