Man, they are really really really trying to make a white guy shooting two white guys (one a pedophile and another a domestic abuser) about racism. Honestly, the way the media reported on the incident from the get-go had a lot of people thinking Kyle Rittenhouse killed two Black men so we could maybe see that angle BUT since itโ€™s not true โ€ฆ youโ€™d think theyโ€™d know takes like this from โ€˜researcherโ€™ Ahmed Ali are just really stupid.

Which is probably why he deleted it.

That and the whoopinโ€™ he took for posting it in the first place.

Because there was SO much violence at MAGA rallies. Oh, wait. No.

Yaโ€™ donโ€™t say?

Could be.

And ainโ€™t none of it good.



Yeah, that heโ€™s a researcher made us laugh even harder.



ALRIGHTY then! Occupy Democrats come out swinging against the Wyoming Republican Party to defend Liz Cheneyโ€™s honor and BAHAHA

โ€˜O tempora, o moresโ€™! Brit Hume DROPS Gov. Kate Brown and her RIDICULOUS Christmas face-diaper as only he can and LOL

How big of a buffoon IS this guy?! Just feast your eyes on super-sleuth Matt Modineโ€™s hot take about Kyle Rittenhouse wearing GLOVES

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